Opening up?

Not just yet.  We will continue to open for appointments only until further notice.  Our industry has recommended rules imposed by the IDPH that require us to ensure everyone is distancing, masks are used where and when appropriate, and everything is disinfected and cleaned effectively.  With our volunteer staff, this makes it more appropriate for us to keep the doors closed to walk-in traffic at this time.  Bear with us as we try to make this as easy as possible while still adhering to IDPH recommendations. 

New Giving Page

We have implemented a "Giving" page which is our way to roll out programs and projects we would like to tackle but that may require some help from donors.  This page will be improved upon as new capabilities become available but for the time being, we will keep it updated with projects and the fundraising campaigns that are necessary to accomplish those projects.  


We have had two successful web presentations within the last two months.  Everyone that has attended has provided us with good feedback and has indicated they would like to see more of these in the future.  As we are currently still under reduced in-person meetings we will continue to try to have at least one web presentation per quarter.  You can check out these sessions here Recorded Webinars

New Projects

We are kicking off some new projects for the summer this year.  Keep watching the news feed for updates on these projects but for now here are the newest projects we will be tackling soon.  

  • Completion of Ava Citizen Newspaper digitization
  • Scanning of historical ledgers from the Jackson County Courthouse
  • Appropriate Acid-Free Storage of historical documents


That's it, for now, keep checking for updates.