The following is a partial list of both occasional and ongoing tasks with which we need assistance:

* Conducting research and/or authoring written publications

* Writing articles for the quarterly newsletter, The Ventilator

* Fieldwork such as canvassing and transcribing area cemeteries and conducting oral interviews with past and current residents

* Minor in-house carpentry, electrical and plumbing projects

* Painting display furniture pieces and interior walls

* Entering data in computer spreadsheets

* Housekeeping tasks such as cleaning display cases, cleaning donated items

* Providing technological support

* Sorting, labeling and cataloging donated photos/slides

* Processing other types of donations

* Creating displays and exhibits

* Assisting with genealogical research for on-site and remote patrons

* Seasonal yardwork/landscape tasks such as mowing and minor landscaping

* Receptionist/greeter

* Filling orders for - and preparing for mailing - publications sold

If you are interested in helping and would like to discuss how your areas of interest, hobbies and work experiences might transfer to volunteer work with us, please stop by the society, call, or email us.  We'd love to hear from you!