The Society is in need of a wide variety of items -- both generic and specific.  "Generic" items are things one might run across at a yard sale or when cleaning out an estate.  "Specific" items are items that may have certain specifications.  In the case of the latter, monetary donations make it possible for us to purchase just the right product for our needs and space limitations.  Listed below are examples of both generic and specific pieces we are currently in need of.  The list will change frequently so please re-visit this page often!


Generic Items Currently Desired/Needed:

Hard-sided luggage (for storing donated clothing items)

Dressmaker forms (for use with our donated clothing items)

Manikins, full-body or bust, both male and female forms (for use in exhibits)

Photographs of areas throughout Jackson County after the 1957 tornado

Photographs pertaining to Brown Shoe Company

Names of, and contact information for, past Brown Shoe Company employees

Two fully-functional motion-sensor lights for building exterior (for security and safety purposes)


Specific Items Currently Desired/Needed:

1 hard-back copy of, "Death Rides the Sky" by Angela Mason

4 guest chairs

2 computer desks/work stations

2-3 floor lamps

LED lightbulbs

Spiral binding machine


Archival-quality storage items such as boxes, envelopes, sleeves for paper documents

A safe, sturdy step stool for use in our library stacks