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#103 Tornado March 18, 1925

A pictorial of the destruction suffered by Jackson County villages/towns due to the March 18, 1925 Tri-State tornado. Published in 2004. Compiled by Bob Morefield and Cliff Swafford. Includes 56 pictures.


#104 Jackson County Album

A photo album of communities of Jackson County, 342 photos, 183 pages.


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#105 A History of Early Carbondale, Illinois, 1852-1905

By John W. D. Wright. Hardbound, 378 pages.


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#106 Murphysboro, Illinois 150 Years

A pictorial history, 1843-1993, 35 pictures, 183 pages, index.


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#107 1878 History & 1907 Atlas of Jackson County

Includes both the history and the atlas for Jackson County IL, 247 pages 11x17 each.


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#108 Historical Sketches of Jackson County

By Edmund Newsome. A reproduction of the 2nd, 1894, with surname index. 236 pages.


#110 Formation and Early Settlement of Jackson County

A narrative history of Jackson County, including data from early 1800's Jackson County records (such as census records and land entries) and biographical sketches of 11 early Jackson County families. 133 pages. By John W. D. Wright. 2nd printing.


#111 Meetings of County Court and Jury Lists 1823-1841

Jackson County, Illinois. By John W. D. Wright


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#112 County Commissioners Court Record 1823-1835

Jackson County, Illinois. Excerpts from 259 pages of records, indexed.


#113 Annotated 1850 US Census of Jackson County

Including the mortality schedule, index to the agricultural schedule and the population schedule. Compiled by Valerie Phillips Gildehaus. Alphabetically arranged in order of visitation with surname index to annotations. 234 pages including maps.


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#114 Eighth Census of the U. S. 1860 Jackson County IL

160 pages. Includes statistical material and surname index.


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#115 Military Census and Rolls 1862-1863

List of able-bodied male citizens of Jackson County, Illinois, ages 18 to 45. 55 pages, indexed.


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#117 index to 1870 US Census, Jackson County IL

Compiled by Valerie Phillips Gildehaus. An alphabetical list of all surnames in the 1870 census with additional information on 5,800 residents. 115 pages, includes map.


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#118 Index to the 1880 US Census, Jackson County IL

Compiled by Valerie Phillips Gildehaus. An alphabetical list of all surnames in the 1880 census with additional information on 6,751 residents. 147 pages, includes map.


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